Famous Local Protestor Eats Crab Legs & Lobster Tail On Taxpayer Dime!

Milwaukee Protestor Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh was on FB live for two days straight eating lobster tails and crab legs. He tells his audience that someone bought his seafood feast using Wisconsin foodshare money better known as Quest. Last I checked that is fraud!

Nitty is famous for walking from Wisconsin to Washington DC to march against racial injustice. Sensabaugh has had multiple run ins with the law including a rape allegation. He live streamed the rape arrest and to my knowledge the charge is still being investigated. Sensabaugh frequently raises money via cashapp to aid the less fortunate so he claims. Seemingly, Sensabaugh has no income other than what he raises on cashapp. Yet he has a beautiful in home studio where he records and creates music. He also fundraises for his many trips across the country saying he is a “professional protestor.” Being a cashapp protestor must be nice. I’d be interested to see his financials when he files this upcoming tax season. I won’t hold my breath!!

Now I’m not saying Nitty has to live the life of a monk, but to eat lavishly in front of thousands is a bit much. To use my tax money while I eat sparingly is infuriating! Nitty professes to be a champion for the poor and downtrodden. His lifestyle says different. Last I checked music studios cost a lot of money. Where does he get the money to afford monthly expenses like rent and car insurance? Flying cross country must be expensive as well. Can cashapp living be that lucrative? I guess I’m in the wrong business.

When we marched in the 70’s, we marched for fair housing and equality in Milwaukee. We changed housing laws nationwide. Our current “leaders” seem to only march for their respective cashapps. They seem to be accountable to no one and the local media never seems to follow the money. Nitty is often seen in his FB live posts living a very comfortable life for he and his son. Nitty has never changed any laws, or brokered peace in the inner city. He has never marched for free (no strings attached) and he never shows up unless a camera is present. Nitty marched to get people to vote in the presidential election but did not vote himself. Yet he has several murals around the city. Why?

Milwaukee is one of the worst places to live for Blacks. Perhaps he could march to change that in some way. The crime in the inner city is at an all time high. Perhaps Nitty should march in crime ridden neighborhoods to get people to put the guns down. Last year Nitty was part of a group that was raising money to build a community resource center. This did not come to fruition when it was found out the investors were corrupt. Whatever happened to the money that was raised?

From what I can tell, Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh is a cashapp hustler that only raises money for one cause, Frank Nitty. Milwaukee we must vet our “leaders” better. I see all the money these phony prophets flaunt and it makes me sick. Why are we paying for their lifestyles. There is a real need in our community to fund reputable leaders and groups that truly help our community.

Peace Family,


The incidents are here in these two links…



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