Black Milwaukee Endorsements to the Highest Bidder

Alex Lasry, Bucks billionaire baby is running for Senate in 2022 and Black “leaders” are starting to line up behind him.

I used to believe political endorsements were given with careful thought and prayerful consideration. Well I thought wrong! As fast as Mr. Lasry announced his candidacy for Ron Johnson’s senate seat, two Black leaders gave their endorsements. Cavalier Johnson, Common Council President and David Crowley, Milwaukee County Executive tripped over each other to give their blessing to Lasry. This has me wondering why would they do that without vetting Lasry? They don’t know how he would govern since he has limited experience in government.

While I think their endorsements mean diddly, I am upset that they gave their blessing so quickly. There is absolutely no evidence that this man can govern any community. After all, Lasry has not been a resident of our community for very long. He is a New Yorker! Aren’t the Democrats the ones who hate millionaires taking over? Shouldn’t we be more careful about who we endorse, especially our elected leaders? Lasry did not provide many details about his candidacy and he gave no specifics on issues that matter much. Lasry is part of an organization that has created very few positions of power for people of color. That does not sit well with me. So why are Johnson and Crowley supporting Lasry? Did he promise them Bucks tickets? Season passes? Signed Giannis shoes?

The Black community is besieged with bad leadership and horrible political backings. Time and time again we give our voice and our vote to people who go on to ignore our needs. Do these two think this silver spoon baby will have the answers to our issues? Lasry can’t possibly know our problems let alone how to solve them. The only Blacks he knows are mostly millionaires-THE BUCKS!! Even they are not part of our community. Sure they marched this past summer for social justice, but then they went back to their gated communities and haven’t been back since. Lasry has been absent in our Black neighborhoods since he called Milwaukee home less than a year ago.

Senator Ron Johnson has created many opportunities for Blacks with his Joseph Project. This project gives people a second chance at creating a better life. The group is vital to families in Milwaukee’s inner city. It’s impact on Blacks is immeasurable. Lasry has not created any opportunities for our community. Yet we want to put him in a US Senate seat as a trial run? Hell no!! If he wants to help, he should start small and do real, tangible work in the community.

Cavalier Johnson and David Crowley should be ashamed of themselves for selling us short. Our votes are not for sale! It’s time we make better choices. It’s past time we made our vote worth something. Backing a person who could care less about us is counterproductive to moving our community forward. Lasry already has a vehicle to prove himself worthy to Blacks and Wisconsinites. He has failed! Looking at the Milwaukee Bucks administration all I see is a lack of diversity. I think he would better serve staying in his current position. Start by putting Blacks in your lilly white administration. We can do more than coach and dribble!

Peace Family,


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