Biden & Buyer’s Remorse

Is it too early to say “we told you so?” Well dumb ass I’m here to tell you, WE TOLD YOU SO!! If you think Biden is going to lift Black people up or just give us the damn $2000 he promised, think again! For 47 long years Joe Biden has lied his ass off. He is not going to change now. Why should he have to? Thanks to people like Stacey Abrams and the others in the LOM (League of Mammies) our vote was sold out with no strings attached. Biden has shown that he has no plan for Black America. He has one for the LGBTQ community though. He has a plan for Hispanics. He even has one for Big Tech. We were content with $2000. $2000?? Damn!

Well by now you know you ain’t gettin’ no $2k!! For some reason Blacks don’t want to come off that damn Democratic plantation. We seem to love being sheeple. We seem to love being lied to over and over again. I personally think it is some form of PTSD. I know for a fact people in Milwaukee love, LOVE misery. We keep voting for the same do nothing mayor with the high crime rate. Mayor Barrett, and Joe Biden, don’t even have to come up with plans. We don’t demand action because we like how things are. Sad but true. We want this life for ourselves with no police, bad schools, crime infested, blighted neighborhoods. We even want this life for our children because we take no action.

President Trump at least met with Ice Cube and other woke individuals and devised the Platinum Plan. Trump created jobs, he came up with Opportunity Zones to bring light to blighted neighborhoods. Trump gave to HBCU’s. But no, no, massa say we got to go back to the way things were. We went right along like the walking dead.

While Biden has been writing executive orders for everyone under the sun, the first executive order should have been to Blacks. The very first one!! We didn’t get not one. We are the community most hurting. Oh but now people are starting to wake up. The blinders are off and we are starting to come from under our rocks and get mad. We want our $2k! We were promised $2000! Well get used to the fact that you are not going to get paid family. Get used to being lied to, being used over and over again. Get used to higher crime because we won’t have police. Get used to crumby schools because School Choice will not be able to grow. Get used to lousy government mandated insurance. Get used to everything that comes with living with no assurances or Black economic agenda.

I’m only sad that I have to live on your bullshit plantation too! I tried to tell you but Black people you love this man right??

Peace Family,
I’m back…

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