The People’s Revolution?

Its been almost a year of “marching” for justice and the People’s Revolution has made absolutely no change for the betterment of Blacks. If we get technical, they haven’t even really marched as much as they claim. Zoom meetings and car brigades don’t count, not even a little bit!

A little history…in 1967 the NAACP Youth Council led marches that lasted well over 200 days into 1968. They changed fair housing laws across the nation. They changed how Milwaukee treated Blacks looking to better their lives. We were finally able to access Milwaukee’s south side.

The People’s Revolution took those marches from the 60’s as a starting point but what have they changed? They set out to beat the 200 days of the 60’s but they forgot the part about change. The group was started by Khalil Coleman who is now under investigation in Kentucky for second degree robbery among others things. That’s a huge problem. Coleman is still an active leader within the group. Secondly, the group seems to have more white folks marching than Black folk and that too is a problem. We have to want better for ourselves.

Although the People’s Revolution claims to have marched for a little under 300 days, very few of those marches have been in Milwaukee’s inner city where life for Blacks is unbearable. On some bad weather days they counted zoom calls as marches. The marchers of the 60’s didn’t have bad weather breaks. They marched! They didn’t do car caravans. They marched! I also noted a couple times where the group told perspective marchers to do their own thing. Again, the 60’s marchers marched together in solidarity. No excuses!!

In order for the People’s Revolution to be an agent of change, they need to take just one thing and change it. Create a law or pass an ordinance. ANYTHING!! They could march in the inner city and get these youth to put down their guns. They could change the eviction process so slum landlords don’t get over on struggling families. They could demand the city move to get rid of abandoned buildings that create blight. They could fight for stiffer sentencing for hit and run drivers. They could march for term limits here and across the nation. I could go on. The People’s Revolution needs to come up with one thing they can stick to that would help our beloved Black community. Please stop marching at Mayfair Mall. We need you in the streets of the inner city. It’s hell here. Gun violence is on the rise and it’s not even warm yet. I can only imagine what the summer will bring.

I hate to see young leaders waste energy. We need them. If they are not going to change anything what’s the point? They seem to be marching for the sake of marching! There are so many issues the Black community is struggling with. We need our leaders to get into these streets and make a difference. Lord knows we don’t need another mural or fluff piece on the news! Counting off days to make the history books is sad. What will happen after you’re done “marching?” Let the history books remember that you truly marched and changed life for Black Americans and for social justice.

Peace Family,


Biden & Buyer’s Remorse

Is it too early to say “we told you so?” Well dumb ass I’m here to tell you, WE TOLD YOU SO!! If you think Biden is going to lift Black people up or just give us the damn $2000 he promised, think again! For 47 long years Joe Biden has lied his ass off. He is not going to change now. Why should he have to? Thanks to people like Stacey Abrams and the others in the LOM (League of Mammies) our vote was sold out with no strings attached. Biden has shown that he has no plan for Black America. He has one for the LGBTQ community though. He has a plan for Hispanics. He even has one for Big Tech. We were content with $2000. $2000?? Damn!

Well by now you know you ain’t gettin’ no $2k!! For some reason Blacks don’t want to come off that damn Democratic plantation. We seem to love being sheeple. We seem to love being lied to over and over again. I personally think it is some form of PTSD. I know for a fact people in Milwaukee love, LOVE misery. We keep voting for the same do nothing mayor with the high crime rate. Mayor Barrett, and Joe Biden, don’t even have to come up with plans. We don’t demand action because we like how things are. Sad but true. We want this life for ourselves with no police, bad schools, crime infested, blighted neighborhoods. We even want this life for our children because we take no action.

President Trump at least met with Ice Cube and other woke individuals and devised the Platinum Plan. Trump created jobs, he came up with Opportunity Zones to bring light to blighted neighborhoods. Trump gave to HBCU’s. But no, no, massa say we got to go back to the way things were. We went right along like the walking dead.

While Biden has been writing executive orders for everyone under the sun, the first executive order should have been to Blacks. The very first one!! We didn’t get not one. We are the community most hurting. Oh but now people are starting to wake up. The blinders are off and we are starting to come from under our rocks and get mad. We want our $2k! We were promised $2000! Well get used to the fact that you are not going to get paid family. Get used to being lied to, being used over and over again. Get used to higher crime because we won’t have police. Get used to crumby schools because School Choice will not be able to grow. Get used to lousy government mandated insurance. Get used to everything that comes with living with no assurances or Black economic agenda.

I’m only sad that I have to live on your bullshit plantation too! I tried to tell you but Black people you love this man right??

Peace Family,
I’m back…

Black Milwaukee Endorsements to the Highest Bidder

Alex Lasry, Bucks billionaire baby is running for Senate in 2022 and Black “leaders” are starting to line up behind him.

I used to believe political endorsements were given with careful thought and prayerful consideration. Well I thought wrong! As fast as Mr. Lasry announced his candidacy for Ron Johnson’s senate seat, two Black leaders gave their endorsements. Cavalier Johnson, Common Council President and David Crowley, Milwaukee County Executive tripped over each other to give their blessing to Lasry. This has me wondering why would they do that without vetting Lasry? They don’t know how he would govern since he has limited experience in government.

While I think their endorsements mean diddly, I am upset that they gave their blessing so quickly. There is absolutely no evidence that this man can govern any community. After all, Lasry has not been a resident of our community for very long. He is a New Yorker! Aren’t the Democrats the ones who hate millionaires taking over? Shouldn’t we be more careful about who we endorse, especially our elected leaders? Lasry did not provide many details about his candidacy and he gave no specifics on issues that matter much. Lasry is part of an organization that has created very few positions of power for people of color. That does not sit well with me. So why are Johnson and Crowley supporting Lasry? Did he promise them Bucks tickets? Season passes? Signed Giannis shoes?

The Black community is besieged with bad leadership and horrible political backings. Time and time again we give our voice and our vote to people who go on to ignore our needs. Do these two think this silver spoon baby will have the answers to our issues? Lasry can’t possibly know our problems let alone how to solve them. The only Blacks he knows are mostly millionaires-THE BUCKS!! Even they are not part of our community. Sure they marched this past summer for social justice, but then they went back to their gated communities and haven’t been back since. Lasry has been absent in our Black neighborhoods since he called Milwaukee home less than a year ago.

Senator Ron Johnson has created many opportunities for Blacks with his Joseph Project. This project gives people a second chance at creating a better life. The group is vital to families in Milwaukee’s inner city. It’s impact on Blacks is immeasurable. Lasry has not created any opportunities for our community. Yet we want to put him in a US Senate seat as a trial run? Hell no!! If he wants to help, he should start small and do real, tangible work in the community.

Cavalier Johnson and David Crowley should be ashamed of themselves for selling us short. Our votes are not for sale! It’s time we make better choices. It’s past time we made our vote worth something. Backing a person who could care less about us is counterproductive to moving our community forward. Lasry already has a vehicle to prove himself worthy to Blacks and Wisconsinites. He has failed! Looking at the Milwaukee Bucks administration all I see is a lack of diversity. I think he would better serve staying in his current position. Start by putting Blacks in your lilly white administration. We can do more than coach and dribble!

Peace Family,


Famous Local Protestor Eats Crab Legs & Lobster Tail On Taxpayer Dime!

Milwaukee Protestor Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh was on FB live for two days straight eating lobster tails and crab legs. He tells his audience that someone bought his seafood feast using Wisconsin foodshare money better known as Quest. Last I checked that is fraud!

Nitty is famous for walking from Wisconsin to Washington DC to march against racial injustice. Sensabaugh has had multiple run ins with the law including a rape allegation. He live streamed the rape arrest and to my knowledge the charge is still being investigated. Sensabaugh frequently raises money via cashapp to aid the less fortunate so he claims. Seemingly, Sensabaugh has no income other than what he raises on cashapp. Yet he has a beautiful in home studio where he records and creates music. He also fundraises for his many trips across the country saying he is a “professional protestor.” Being a cashapp protestor must be nice. I’d be interested to see his financials when he files this upcoming tax season. I won’t hold my breath!!

Now I’m not saying Nitty has to live the life of a monk, but to eat lavishly in front of thousands is a bit much. To use my tax money while I eat sparingly is infuriating! Nitty professes to be a champion for the poor and downtrodden. His lifestyle says different. Last I checked music studios cost a lot of money. Where does he get the money to afford monthly expenses like rent and car insurance? Flying cross country must be expensive as well. Can cashapp living be that lucrative? I guess I’m in the wrong business.

When we marched in the 70’s, we marched for fair housing and equality in Milwaukee. We changed housing laws nationwide. Our current “leaders” seem to only march for their respective cashapps. They seem to be accountable to no one and the local media never seems to follow the money. Nitty is often seen in his FB live posts living a very comfortable life for he and his son. Nitty has never changed any laws, or brokered peace in the inner city. He has never marched for free (no strings attached) and he never shows up unless a camera is present. Nitty marched to get people to vote in the presidential election but did not vote himself. Yet he has several murals around the city. Why?

Milwaukee is one of the worst places to live for Blacks. Perhaps he could march to change that in some way. The crime in the inner city is at an all time high. Perhaps Nitty should march in crime ridden neighborhoods to get people to put the guns down. Last year Nitty was part of a group that was raising money to build a community resource center. This did not come to fruition when it was found out the investors were corrupt. Whatever happened to the money that was raised?

From what I can tell, Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh is a cashapp hustler that only raises money for one cause, Frank Nitty. Milwaukee we must vet our “leaders” better. I see all the money these phony prophets flaunt and it makes me sick. Why are we paying for their lifestyles. There is a real need in our community to fund reputable leaders and groups that truly help our community.

Peace Family,


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